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Claim letter sample

Here is a sample official letter. It might help you if you are going to write a claim letter




Subject: Excavation without prior notice




Dear Sirs

Refer to the above captioned, we would like to highlight our deep concerns on some items as below:

1-      YOUR COMPANY did not follow OUR COMPANY’s comment to make hard barricade around FGH#31, which was agreed on M.O.M (08/Jul/2008). Please find the attached photograph on 14/July/2008.(Attachment#1)

2-      YOUR COMPANY did not follow the relevant schedule commented by OUR COMPANY on M.O.M (10/July/2008).

In that comment, OUR COMPANY instruct YOUR COMPANY to do excavation near Building1 during equipment  non-operation period. (Attachment#2)

3-      YOUR COMPANY excavated south side of Building1 by excavator on 14/July/2008 with out any prior notice to OUR COMPANY, as you were aware equipment were already in operation.

4-      In case the excavator hits the pipes at building1, the worse case will be explosion, equipments will damage and surrounding workers will be in danger.

5-      We already coordinate work sequence of operating area with Mechanical, Electrical and commissioning. Please follow up M.O.M, our instructions and permit to work system; otherwise it will affect safety and our plant schedule.




                                                                  Sincerely yours




                                                                                 Site Manager


August 19, 2008 - Posted by | official letters

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